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Baby Singing “Oh Happy Day” Will Cheer You Right Up

OMG this is so cute.

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Babies singing has got to be way up at the top of the list of ridiculously cute things in the world. Doesn't matter if they're off-key (sometimes it's even better that way), when a little baby decides to put their little hearts into singing along to a really good song, the cutest of all cuteness occurs. 

Just take the baby in this video from @_mishelay. His favorite song is from "Sister Act 2," and he knows every single note. He's gonna sing 'em for you, too, just wait. 

It's unbearably cute. Sing it, little dude! He's totally nailing it, and making everybody who listens have a very "happy day" indeed. "We love Sister Act 2!" wrote his mom. "He even hits the high note sometimes."

Commenters were super impressed, with one calling one the baby's "natural ear for music." "Okay but like the way he's nearly hitting the notes and everything?" wrote another. "Hello, Baby Mozart." It's true, this baby is definitely displaying some musical chops at a very young age. But what's most important is that he loves to sing and it makes him happy (and of course it happens to make whoever is listening pretty happy too). 

The best part is that the mom has this musical phase of development preserved on video, because when this baby is really singing up a song, this will just be a distant memory. A happy one, though.