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Watching This Infant Learning to Sit Fall Over In Slow Motion Is the Dopamine You Need Today

How freaking cute is this.

Babies are just so endlessly entertaining. Literally everything they do is ridiculously cute, but some things they do are just extra, extra cute. Like when they're trying to learn how to do a new thing or reaching to meet a new milestone, and they're just not quite getting it. They're almost there, really! But they just keep...whoops. Like the baby in this adorable video from @lillybelle_mama. He's on his way to learning how to sit up. Like, any day now. But for the time being, he's still a little wobbly. And babies being sort of top-heavy creatures, there's a lot of...falling over happening.


Oh so cute! Poor little thing! Not that he seems bothered by any of it. Sitting babies up is so funny. Sometimes you get them in just the right position and tada! They're sitting up! They're sitting...they're not sitting up. There's a lot of core and upper body strength to be built before that moment can truly happen. Lots of commenters are at the same phase with their babies, and had plenty of questions for the poster, like "What age are you supposed to start this? I have a 3 month old" and "Wait am I supposed to do this with my four month old? First time mom here." Others had their own hilarious stories to share, like the commenter who wrote: "Hear me out… a laundry basket. I put my son in one to practice for like a week and then he got it!" What a great (and funny) idea! In the meantime, moms will just have to keep watching their babies fall over...and secretly giggling.

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