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Parents Discover Kid Curled Up By the Door Waiting for Them to Get Back From Date Night

Some think, however, it is indicative of something else...

After you become a parent, you treasure date nights like you never have before. It takes a lot more preparation to pull them off — finding a babysitter isn't always easy, of course — and you value the time you get with your partner one-on-one a lot more since it no longer happens all the time. But as much fun as you have while out together, it's always extra special to get back home to your kiddo, too. 

Some kids handle this short separation better than others, though, and this kiddo on TikTok is going viral for how sweetly he was waiting for his mom and dad to get home after their night out. They discovered him all curled up by the door, waiting... fast asleep.


We have to admit that this footage of what he looked like when his parents came to get him is pretty adorable. He looks so peaceful there... though we can only imagine how uncomfortable he must be sleeping on the hard floor! 

The comments seem to be mixed on this video, though. While some people see this as proof positive of how much he loves his parents, others are a little concerned that this happened in the first place. 

"I recently learned in my class, letting them cry and not responding to them can lead to mistrust and insecurity. No such thing as spoiling," one person wrote. 

Another critical comment said, "Please tell me you didn’t leave that baby in there by himself to cry." 

Other parents of toddlers insisted that this is totally normal behavior. "All the people judging obviously don’t have kids. My son does this all the time during nap time, he’s not crying, just playing and fighting sleep," one wrote. 

It seems like this kiddo might have just been ready to see his parents again. Toddlers are weird, ya'll — sleeping next to the door doesn't even scratch the surface!