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Mom Feeds Baby "Like a Chicken" When She’s Sick and Honestly… It’s Genius.

Just make sure the floor is clean.

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Being a parent can be challenging even under perfect circumstances, so it makes total sense that it's even harder to parent when you're sick. Those kids and their germs always seem to find us, no matter how many times a day we wash our hands. Then, they bounce back way faster than we do, so just as we start to get sick, they're returning to their old energy levels... and of course, being a parent means never being able to take a day off. 

Gone are the days of disappearing to our beds to watch Netflix and eat chicken noodle soup, totally unbothered, until we feel better. But there are a few shortcuts we can take until we're healthy again, and one mom on TikTok is sharing a particularly hilarious one

Along with footage of her baby crawling on the carpet inside their house, we can see Mom throwing what looks like a handful of puffs — many little ones' first favorite snack — onto the floor around where he's hanging out. 

"Sometimes when I'm sick I like to feed my baby his little snacks as if he was a chicken," she admitted. 

To be fair, this works like a charm — she can give him snacks without having to get up, and he's entertained by trying to crawl and roll around to get them all. It's a win/win for everyone involved! 

Plenty of parents admitted to using this trick themselves... whether they happen to be sick or not. Hey, whatever works! 

"So glad this is becoming normalized. My mom would look at me horrified but it turned my baby from a log to a roly poly," one fellow mom said. Another joked, "I'm havin' enrichment time in my enclosure." 

He's learning how to get better at rolling and crawling, and Mom's getting rest. This is good parenting in our book!