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Baby Steals His Mom's Lunch From Popeye's, Taking Baby Led Weaning to the Next Level

He's not messing around when it comes to fried chicken.

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Most babies start solids sometime between the ages of six and nine months, and once they figure out they can eat food and not just formula or breastmilk, moms can basically say goodbye to ever eating their food in peace again. For the rest of our lives, our kids will be stealing food right off our plates. What we're eating always looks better to them — even if it's the exact same thing they're eating! 

One mom took to TikTok to share her son, Ivan, stealing her lunch from Popeye's, and we're talking the entire lunch. Fried chicken, biscuit, sides, everything. The whole box. Ivan isn't messing around, y'all. You need to see this for yourself! 


We really have to love how Ivan just goes for it, grabbing the whole box. It's a testament to how strong babies really are, even if they don't look like it! We've heard of baby led weaning before, but an entire box of Popeye's? That's next level. 

Many people who saw the video were able to relate to Ivan and his love of food.

"When Doordash finally drops your food off at work & you only got 3 minutes to eat," one person joked.

Another commenter wrote, "He's looking for the fries, he could have sworn he ordered fries as his side." 

Something tells us Ivan is going to grow up to be a big fan of fried chicken someday. When he has enough teeth to really get in there and eat it, of course.