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Dad Pretends To Make Baby Talk to His Big Sister, Adorably Building Their Bond

She cracks up every time!

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Getting toddlers to accept their younger siblings isn't always the easiest thing in the world, but when parents are committed to making something happen, anything is possible (at least, most of the time). Putting in the work to foster those bonds early usually pays off — and who doesn't want their kids to be best friends from the beginning?

Just in case anyone needs a hilarious way to make this happen, one dad on TikTok has us all covered. Mom shared a video of Dad making the baby pretend to talk to his toddler older sister, and seeing how much she adores it is making us think he might be onto something here.


In the video, Dad's chasing his older daughter around the house, baby in tow, at different times that Mom has captured. The baby "offers" his big sis a chocolate croissant at one point, and at another, he gives her a big old kiss. The best part, though, might be when he pulls her hair and practically drags her across the kitchen, making her crack up with laughter.

And the fact that she's always so willing to greet him with a hug? This is too much! 

In the comments, viewers pointed out how good this is for their future relationship. "I have to remember to do this!! Looks like such a good way to avoid jealousy," one fellow parent wrote. Another pointed out, "This is the most precious thing in the entire world and it makes her feel so special! This will help them develop a strong bond." 

We're taking notes for future use. This is so cute, and it's not a bad parenting hack, either...