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People Have Mixed Feelings About Mom’s Box Specifically Designed To Hold Lost Baby Teeth

This is both adorable and creepy.

Surprisingly, teeth end up being a pretty big part of those early parenting years. When they're babies, the teething struggle is real, and much as we imagine it hurts our little ones when a new tooth is coming through, it can be just as painful trying to help them through tantrums and sleepless nights. But even once the teeth are in, it's not over — then, it's time for them to start falling out, one by one, and leaving us to play Tooth Fairy.

Losing teeth is an important milestone in a kid's life, and every parent decides to celebrate this time differently... and in the case of one mom on TikTok, that means keeping those lost teeth forever in a very special location.


In response to the question "what are we doing with our children's teeth?", the mom presented a wooden box she bought from Amazon to store the teeth in, which also happened to come with a vial to keep a lock of their hair in.

"There's a thin line between mothers and serial killers," the mom said.

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This has sparked quite a debate in the comments of the video. Some people think this is an adorable tradition. "I love this! I always said I wanted to make a bracelet with them and my sisters laugh at me," one user wrote.

Others find it a bit creepy. "I wish we wouldn’t do this anymore (even though I get why y’all do), when I found my baby teeth my parents kept I was very creeped out," another wrote.

Cute or creepy, it still shows that this mom cares — and if her kids don't want the teeth someday, they can always throw them out. Isn't part of motherhood being a little too sentimental about the little things? 

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