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"Oh Lord," Baby Is Frustrated With This Toy

This toy is just not cooperating

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Toys are great. Babies love toys. But sometimes, as much as babies love toys, their toys can pose challenges. Sometimes their toys don't behave in exactly the way they want or need them to, and that's when babies express their usually hilarious ways. 

Like in this video from @kala.bell. It's not clear what she wants to be happening...does she want to be on the horsie or off the horsie? Whatever is going on, that toy horse is turning it into an absolute chore, and this toddler has something really funny to say about it. 

"Oh lord!" That danged toy. It's just not going to behave the way it's supposed to. Or the way she wants it to, anyway. She's got an impressive amount of focus, and definitely knows what she wants to happen. She'll definitely get the hang of it one of these days.

Commenters thought the whole thing was so funny, especially the fact that the baby was acting like a grandma.
"The grandma is the baby"
"She been hanging out with grandma"
"The struggle is real!"
"That's how it be when that arthritis be acting up"
"Baby, that's how we all feel getting out the car"
"how i get out of bed in the mornings"
"Tell me you hang out with grandma without telling me"
"You know she's a Gramma's baby"

Too funny. You can absolutely always tell when a baby's been hanging out with a grandparent! The mannerisms and the expressions they pick up are so funny. That's why little ones and grandparents make such great friends!