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Baby Is Too Busy Smiling To Try His Avocado

He's honestly so precious

When we think about videos of babies trying foods for the first time, we usually laugh because those videos tend to involve lots of funny faces and spitting out of said food. But this video from @haydenloalbo is a "first time food" video unlike most others. Because like a lot of other babies, this one is too distracted to try her new snack. But what's unique here is that he isn't distracted by a sibling or a screen or even a pet waiting for scraps. He's just too happy squealing and smiling to notice the avocado is even there.


Painfully sweet. Those little noises!! You can tell he's a lot happier without that bib on, but Mom is super smart to feed him shirtless. Sometimes feeding babies naked is just the best way to go (easy to wipe down or stick in a bath afterwards). Finally, this little guy did manage to taste a little avocado...even if he spit it right out. Oh well! You know what they say, it takes a whole bunch of times for a baby to try a food before they decide if they like it or not. You just have to be patient and keep on trying. 

Commenters were just enchanted with this cute little boy, whether he likes his avocado or not:
"Most cutest smiley baby everrrrr!!!!"
"Such a happy baby! Good job mommy! Just keep trying!"
"OMG. His Face so Expressive."
"you have a gorgeous baby !!!! interested in being amazed by the both of you more than anything else"
"The moment he sees his Dad is the sweetest thing ever"

Seriously, what a cutie. One thing's for sure, no matter what food he tries and whether he likes it or not, the process will be adorable.