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Video of Baby Making Great-Grandpa With Alzheimer's 'Come Alive' Has People in Tears

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Another day. Another heartwarming TikTok video. Another case of the waterworks openly flowing with no signs of stopping. The clip was shared by the baby's mom, @jamieglassmansher a few days ago. With 1.5 million views, it's already moved countless people to tears. 

The text on the video explains that this woman's 95-year-old grandpa has Alzheimer's, and that he's been very out of it as of late. However, when she brought her 6-month-old baby to meet him, it's like he suddenly came to life as he began to interact with her. This is seriously one of the most moving things we've seen in a long time.

How beautiful is this video? You could tell just how thrilled he was to be in the presence of that sweet baby girl. It was so touching when he started counting with her. Not surprisingly, people are getting all the feels after watching the clip. @Whit P said, "I used to work on a dementia unit & every resident would just light up when a baby would visit. So sweet and magical to witness." Another TikTok user, @Angela Adams noted, "Babies are are miniature super heroes. They have powers that we can’t even begin to touch." And @TheMadame added, "There are actually studies that have proven that interacting with babies and children on a regular basis is extremely good for senior brains!"

Jamie shared a follow-up video of the little one and great-grandpa having another visit. It's so clear that seeing this child wakes up something inside of him.

How wonderful that she's able to give her grandfather such a wonderful gift in the time has left. These videos are certainly memories that she'll cherish forever.