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Baby Cannot Get Enough Corn

It's corn!

These days, we all have corn on the brain. Of course. It's corn! A big lump with knobs. It has the juice! Anyway, you know how the rest goes. Let's just say corn is having an especially popular moment. It's sort of the celebrity grain of the day, as it were. Will this viral celebrity last long? Probably not, but it'll stick around until some other food song dethrones it. 

Either way, the baby in this video from @samschiele can't get enough of the stuff. He's not eating the corn, exactly, though he probably would put it all in his mouth if he could. Right now he's interested in sitting in what's basically a sandbox of corn kernels, raking through them with his fingers and soaking up all the corny goodness.


Good save with that pacifier, mom! Otherwise that would've been a mouthful of corn right there. Pacifiers sure are good as mouth plugger-uppers. Someday in the not-too-distant future, this baby can eat all the corn-based goodness he wants...corn-on-the-cob, corn chips, corn chowder, cornbread, corn casserole...the list goes on. For now, though, it's definitely a tactile treat. 

Commenters got a huge kick out of this baby's first experience with corn on a grand scale...
"Plug it up. Omg this is the cutest."
"Babies discovering the world will forever be my favorite thing"
"he's quick. She's quicker..So CUTE."
"Bro said I’m leaving here wit sumthin"
"Paci swooping in as the paid actor."
"He was like 'Aw man. Got me with the paci again.'"

Such an adorable first. His next experience with corn will probably be on a much smaller scale, but a much tastier one.