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Mom Shares the Advice That Isn't Helpful When Dealing With a Speech Delay

It's never that simple.

Milestones can be a major source of stress for parents, and when it comes to communication skills, the situation can be even more intense. Toddlers easily become frustrated by not being able to say what they want to, parents worry about how to best help them bridge that gap — it can be a really terrible cycle for anyone who's ever had to figure out a speech delay with their children. 

And like with many other aspects of parenting, it's more likely than not that people will attempt to weigh in with their own advice when they see a fellow parenting struggling... and not every piece of advice is a winner, as one mom shared in a TikTok video. 


"When I tell a mom at the park my child is a late talker and she says 'Just talk to him like an adult,'" she wrote, using the famous audio of Kris Jenner suggesting that Kim Kardashian just call Taylor Swift up to end their beef. 

"Like thanks Susan why didn't I think of that one?" she added in the caption, along with an eye-roll emoji.

We have to laugh... since when is anything involved with children and milestones (especially speech) ever that simple? 

Fortunately, this mom was greeted with plenty of comments that proved that she wasn't alone in this feeling. 

She's the one who knows her kid the best, so hopefully, this mom is letting comments like this roll right off her back. Unsolicited parenting advice is almost never actually useful, anyway.