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Dad Has Funniest Reaction When Son Lets Bad Word Slip Out

We would have let that slide too considering the circumstances.

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If you are someone who uses cuss words in your daily language, you know how hard that habit can be to break. Even the most prolific swearers can decide to try to cut back and watch their mouths once they have kids and realize how often those bad words are being repeated. But honestly, try as you might, it's impossible to police yourself every minute of every day, and those words are going to slip out.

That means that your kids — and their brains that are growing and soaking up everything they see and hear like a sponge — are likely going to cuss at some point or another, too. Sometimes, it's a good chance for us to correct them and ourselves, but other times, like the one in this TikTok video, we really can't argue with their choice to swear. 

This dad was in the car with his son — who looks to be about preschool age — when the hilarious moment happened. "Everywhere I take this cute ass kid, he makes friends. Everywhere he goes. And I love it. It makes me so happy. Honestly." 

Hearing this from the backseat, his son piped up, "I f--king love you!" 

We can tell Dad was taken aback just a bit by the way he paused, but after a beat, he responded, "I f--king love you too!" 

This is such a cute moment that we can't blame him for letting it slide — it was all love, and clearly, this little guy feels strongly about his daddy. Plus, Dad was the one who let a cuss word slip first, so how could he really get mad? 

We just hope that next time he says it, it isn't in front of someone who won't find it as cute as his dad (and we) do. We don't want him to get in trouble for expressing himself!