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Mom Gets Baby a Balloon for Christmas and Her Reaction Is So Precious

She was beyond thrilled.

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During those first few Christmases, it's hard to predict what your baby or toddler's favorite gifts will be. Try as you might to come up with the perfect presents, they will almost always gravitate toward the item you least suspected as the most beloved. A random small figurine from their stocking or maybe even the torn wrapping paper from their gifts ends up being their most treasured item.

And in case you needed even more proof that babies are easy to please during the holiday season, this TikTok video should do it for you. A mom got her baby a balloon for Christmas, and the pure amazement on her little one's face when they opened the box is what holiday magic really looks like. 

When she opened the box, the balloon floated out, and this baby was totally transfixed. Then, once baby had a second to process, they let out the most adorable giggles. This is true amazement! 

So many people in the comments gushed over what a precious, wholesome moment this was, and more than one pointed out that this really is the best gift for a baby this age.

"This is brilliant! They don't remember dozens of gifts and it can be overwhelming for them. But they still can share the magic. Well done," one person wrote. 

This video is the perfect reminder that sometimes, keeping it simple with kids is all you need to do to make the holidays special. Even just this balloon was enough for this little one! 

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