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Daughter Catches IRL Mouse In Barbie Doll Toy Dog Cage

She’s very casual about it.

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When you're a mom, every day is filled with surprises. You truly never know what's going to happen. Especially if you have a free-spirited, adventurous type of kid.

The mom in this jaw-dropping video from @uncanny_annie got quite a shock when her daughter came to her with something she definitely wasn't expecting: a mouse she caught in a Barbie toy dog cage. Like, not a toy mouse. A REAL mouse.

Whoa!! Can you imagine?! This video could have gone a wildly different way if either the daughter or the mother were even remotely freaked out by little rodents. Seriously. Plenty of people would react by shrieking and jumping up on the furniture and freaking out until somebody took the tiny animal outside. But not this very brave girl, who is convinced that the little mouse loves her. 

Commenters loved this girl, with her colorful hair and personality to match. And several pointed out that the mouse could have easily escaped through the little hole in the cage...he was hanging out in there because he wanted to. So maybe he really does love this little girl!

"She's a literal Disney princess. She has tiny animal friends! And they love her!"
"Not only did she catch it, she found the right size cage for it"
"the wild hair, pink mini uggs, bug dress and found mouse. she is ready to slay the day"
"I mean he looks like he loves his life now"

It's true, he really does look pretty chill in there. There's probably a good chance that the mouse isn't even going to end up outside, he's going to end up living in the Barbie house (or his own appropriately-sized cage). Catching your own pet is one way to  get an animal!

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