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Mom Claims Daughter Has Been Going Completely Barefoot For 3 Years

And people have seriously mixed reactions.

Of course, we all parent our children differently, but thanks to the internet, we now know that there are a lot more ideas about how to best raise children out there than we thought. All kids are different, and they deserve for parents to help teach them in a way they understand... even if that means those parents are having to use methods that some might raise an eyebrow at.

Case in point: This mom on TikTok, who has been letting her 6-year-old daughter go barefoot for the past three years. Her daughter has autism, and for this family, going barefoot is what's best for her — though they've definitely encountered plenty of people who don't understand.


"Her feet have adapted to stones and rough ground. I wish people would stop asking her where her shoes are," Mom explained in the video, adding that her daughter gets mad when she's questioned about being barefoot.

This mom has been open about her daughter's autism diagnosis in her previous videos, and she even created a special "sensory bedroom" for her to fit her needs. And even though she's explained that her daughter is perfectly safe, that hasn't stopped people from sharing their opinions.

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"All fun and games until she steps on glass or a rusty nail," one person commented.

However, other people have been far more supportive. "She is doing what we all should. No need for shoes. Grounding is much better and many other problems she won’t have," one person commented.

So far, it seems like this is what's working for this little girl. Good job, Mom. 

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