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This 2-Year-Old Boy Hit a Baseball With an "Insane Amount of Force”

Little man may have a solid baseball career ahead of him

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Look out! It's so amazing how some kids show a talent or passion for something super early on in life, isn't it? Some little ones are painting like Picasso while they're still in preschool, others know the name of every dinosaur while they're still toddlers. Take the little boy in @thetoddlerathletesmom's video. This kid can hit a ball like he's in the major leagues...which means his godmother better step out of the way!


Fairly amazing, right? It seems like most kids start out with t-ball, and even then it's not a given that they'll actually hit the ball. This little boy is hitting the ball, and hitting it hard. If he were an adult playing a "real" game, one of those would have to be a home run or something, right? 
The best part about a kid showing such a strong like for an activity is that as a parent, you never have to wonder if you're forcing your kid to go to Little League or ballet or gymnastics or whatever. Most children aren't 100% enthusiastic about their extracurricular activities all the time, and it can be tough to know if they're truly beneficial or not. In the case of kids like this boy, however, something like baseball likely isn't a's a lifestyle.