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Mom Discovers Toddler Son Making ‘Food’ In Bathroom Sink

“Send help, seriously.”

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It's almost never a good thing when our kids are quiet for too long — especially when water might be involved. This is especially true when it's toddlers we're talking about, because somehow, kids under the age of five manage to get into a lot more mischief than a lot of people might expect.

This was the case for one mom who discovered her child getting creative with play in the bathroom, which isn't exactly the room in the house you want that kind of thing to be happening. And yes, a major mess was in progress as soon as the kids knew Mom wasn't looking!



n this TikTok video, a mom explained that she took 10 minutes to mop the kitchen floor while her son was busy brushing his teeth… or so she thought! When she returned to the bathroom, she found him “making yummy food” in the sink, and before you ask — yes, there was water everywhere. 

And if you're wondering what's in the sink with all that water? Yeah, it's a roll of toilet paper. Well, it was a roll of toilet paper.

And even after all of this, our favorite part might have to be his response when his mom tried to call him out for his bad behavior. Priceless! 

This might have made a huge mess, but this is one afternoon that this kid (and his mom) won't soon forget.

We just hope mom got to take a break after this!