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Mom Learns Secret Behind Sweet Beach Memories When Dad Starts Doing It For Her Kids

Gather your tissues folks, this one is gonna be a tear-jerker.

It often isn’t until adulthood until we realize how much effort our parents put in to making even the smallest moments magical. When we’re kids, we just assume the best out of life, and often take it for granted. And frankly, parents are often all too happy to let that happen. After all, reality will hit sooner rather than later, why not let little ones bask in the wonder of the world before they are burdened by it?

Once mom on TikTok is still learning all the ways her father made sure her childhood is magical, and she found out this incredible beach “hack” he’d been doing all her life when he started doing it for her kids.


How sweet is this?! The dad turned grandpa would grab a bag of seashells from a local dollar store by the shore and wake early to scatter them across the beach. He then would take his daughter and granddaughters to go shell hunting, and they’d marvel at the perfect shells they’d find. 

User @CassandraCarson hit the nail on the head when she wrote:

“The fact that he didn’t tell you [sic] this until you were in your 30s shows what kind of man he is. He didn’t want credit. Just loved making his family happy.”

While others shared the secrets they learned about their own parent’s magic making they didn’t discover util years later.

“My dad used to take us to the Big Rock Candy mountain in Utah and he would buy candy and scatter them over the mountain,” wrote @XoXo1232. “We thought it was real.”

You gotta love dads who show up and show out. These are the best little lies ever told.