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Family of 5 Stalked By Bear On Hike and Their 6-Year-Old Son’s Reaction is Everything

I would be pooping my pants.

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Spending time in nature can be so relaxing. There's something really special about getting outside in the fresh air, away from traffic, city lights, and the stress of every day life and just enjoying a good weekend camping and hiking... until we run into a terrifying creature, that is. 

In certain parts of the country, a bear encounter is a very real possibility while hiking — after all, we're in their home, not the other way around. But that doesn't make it any less scary when it happens, unless, of course, you're the really brave kid who didn't let a bear see him sweat in this viral video. 


In the footage, a mom is filming her six year old son and his dad (who's wearing a baby on his back) hiking, with a brown bear following them not far behind. She's keeping him updated on the bear's location, while they all remain impressively calm — and according to the caption on the video, the bear continued to follow their family for more than half a mile.

At one point, the bear picks up the pace, and the family has to act fast. But even though we can definitely hear the panic in both Mom and Dad's voices, the six year old remains totally chill — how?! 

At one point, he even asks when they can play dead. Hey, at least he's not freaked out? 

Props to these parents for raising such a brave son. That skill will take him far.