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Mom Catches Sweet Daddy/Daughter Moment Then Suddenly Remembers Why It Looks Familiar

Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl.

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There's nothing like the relationship between a dad and his daughter. Seeing them bond from the time she's born to watching that bond grow as she gets older is so special. Dads are such important people in their daughter's lives — not just as their parents, but as someone who will help show them how they should be treated in relationships in the future.

There's one sweet daddy and daughter moment going viral on TikTok, and if it makes you shed a tear or two, you're definitely not alone. A mom was filming a sweet moment between her husband and their daughter and realized that this moment actually happened before.


Seeing the contrast between their little girl as a big kid dancing with her dad in the kitchen vs when they did the same thing when she was a baby is just too adorable. There's a seven year gap between these videos that Mom put side-by-side, and it's crazy to see how much she's grown! 

According to the comments, this video was making fellow parents feel a bit emotional about their own children.

"I just helped my son wash his hair in a bath (he's 11 and asked for help) and realized that was probably the last time I'll ever do that," one mom wrote.

Another added, "My heart sank and instant tears. My momma heart wasn’t ready." 

All the more reason to treasure those small moments. It all goes by so fast!