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Mom Presents Son With Two Bedtime Routine Options To Prevent Meltdown and It’s Genius

We love this.

As parents, many of us look forward to bedtime at the end of a long day — both the time when our kids go to bed and when it's our turn to say goodnight. But usually, those kids in question definitely do not feel the same way! Rather than go to bed, they want to play, and the transition to the bedtime routine can sometimes end up being a nightmare. 

If this is sounding all too familiar to you, it might be a good idea to watch this video on TikTok. One mom is sharing how she avoids bedtime meltdowns, and this tip actually makes a lot of sense. 


At bedtime, she offers her son options — and they're the same options that most of us have as adults. He can choose the order that he does the things in his bedtime routine, along with how he winds down, and she showed how well it worked in the video. Amazingly enough, there was no meltdown, no tears, and no drama. This is exactly what we needed! 

In the comments, fellow parents approved of this simple hack.

"This is what worked at our house too. Offer controlled choices so they have 'buy in' & the outcome is successful," one mom wrote. 

Some kids might really benefit from this method, and if it's becoming a struggle every night once dinner is over and the time to start winding down is here, it might be worth a try. Kids like to have options, just like we do.