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Mom-to-Be Can Make Her 34-Week Baby Bump Disappear Like Magic

Wait a minute, how in the world did she do that?!

We can all agree that there is hardly anything more impressive than a pregnant person. The ability to create, house, and develop life itself is pretty much a superpower. What a person’s body goes through during that time is absolutely wild; the miracle of life is truly just that. When you get to the final trimester, you don’t exactly *feel* like a miracle. You’re swollen, sore and you’ve got a belly you definitely cannot hide. 

Unless of course, you’re Bobbi Althoff, a TikTok who can somehow makes her 34-week-old pregnant belly legit disappear. 


With the hilarious sound of a balloon running out of air in the background, Althoff pretends to “pop” her belly and deflate it. Slowly you see her rounded belly flattening out. And while this wouldn’t be impressive sans pregnancy, with a baby in there it leaves you pretty stunned. 

Nevertheless, TikTok followers were nearly too stunned to speak, the comments section filled with a lot of single word questions like “WHY” and “HOW.”

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“My mind will never make sense of this,” wrote one follower. “Like where does it go???!!”

While it looks like she is magically sucking it in, what she is really doing is actually more impressive. Using the “Bloom Method,” or “belly pump,” invented by Colorado personal trainer Brooke Cates, the idea is to work on your core muscles while still pregnant for a healthy delivery and postpartum. The mom is basically using her inner core unity to slide the baby further up under her ribcage, which strengthens her abdominal  muscles.

We certainly hope that this mom’s cool party trick pays off during labor time!

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