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Son Saves Over $500 and Buys His Dad an Epic Gift He’ll Never Forget

What a pure little soul.

We don't necessarily expect big, meaningful gestures from our kids; in general, all we expect is moderately acceptable behavior, if that. But this video from @hannahlea1990 is proof that some kids are capable of going out of their way to do extremely thoughtful things for people, and if they have the resources, they can give some pretty great gifts, too.

The 9-year-old boy in this video had over $500. But instead of going to buy himself a new video game console or some other super cool gadget, he decided that because his dad never gets anything for himself, he "just pays bills," that he would use his money to get his dad something special: a new hunting bow. Just for "being a good dad."

His dad's reaction when he gets the present is priceless.


The way he started crying and hugging his father! What an absolutely beautiful moment. Parents never expect recognition from their children, but it's pretty amazing when you actually get it. You can tell this family really treasures each other and has a deep, strong love at its core. 

Commenters were so impressed with this little boy and the family and how loving they are...
"good kid. great parenting."
"great kid u got there"
"What a beautiful thing to share with us"
"an amazing young man. and a great dad to deserve such a thing. you did great ol son"
"This is when you know you raised a wonderful young man!"
"Raised him right. Happiness right there."
"All that truly matters in this life is to be a good father!! The rest is just bell's an whistles. Great work Dad Your laying out the path 4 ur boys"

Such a sweet story!