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Mom Shares How Kindergarten Daughter Beautifully Handled a Little Girl Who Didn’t Want to Be Her Friend

She’s wise beyond her years.

For many parents, sending our kids to school and into the world without us can be a bit intimidating. After all, all we want is to protect our children from people or things that might hurt them, and it can be so difficult to accept that there's so little we can actually control in that department.

But the good news? As much as we worry about our kids getting their feelings hurt, they take a totally different approach to that topic than adults do, as one little girl on TikTok is perfectly demonstrating. Her mom shared a video to the app sharing how she reacted when another kid didn't want to be friends with her, and honestly? We could all learn something from her attitude!


"A little girl at school told her she didn't want to be her friend... & she said 'mom, it's okay... I blocked her from my heart," Mom wrote in the video. 

We all know how blocking someone who hurts us from social media can help us heal, but blocking someone from her heart? This little girl is on the next level, and the video is only made better by the fact that she's totally unbothered, dancing while she's in a restaurant with her mom.

We'd say this mama doesn't have much to worry about. This little one keeps it moving when someone doesn't want to hang out with her, and as far as we can tell, it's their loss!