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Grandmom Plays Nerf With Adult Grandson and It’s the Best Thing You’ve Ever Seen

These two are BFFs clearly.

Some grandparents are the type to read bedtime stories, or bake cookies, or make crafts. Other grandparents are the kind who love to just get their hands dirty and really play with their grandkids. Sometimes they're even better playmates than parents, truth be told. And even when their grandchildren are grown, they're still just as playful.

The grandma in this video from @holdendavenport definitely falls into the latter category. When her grandson comes up behind her with a Nerf gun, she knows just what to do. 

So adorable. How amazing to be that age and still be ready to play at any time. It might just be the secret to a long life, when you think about it. And her grandson sounds so unbelievably amused to have a grandma who's willing to play along with him. 

Commenters thought this grandma was just great, with many suggesting her acting skills are worthy of an award; even the official Oscars account posted "A stunning performance." Others just loved this grandma so much...
"She’s awesome!! Bet you had an amazing childhood!!"
"omg you have the best granny ever"
"That is so cool that you can hang with your grandkids. Amazing!!!!!!!"
"Best grandma ever"
"you two r hilarious"

You can just picture these two, running around in the backyard when her grandson was small, pointing Nerf guns at each other and laughing and then coming insde and having hot chocolate or some other seasonally-appropriate treat. One thing's for sure; when grandparents bond with kids, that bond lives on forever.