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Wife Loses Husband and Dad While Pregnant, But BFF Steps Up In Best Way Possible

That’s one good dude.

Pregnancy and new motherhood are hard enough; the challenges that come with your body physically changing and learning how to be a parent for the first time on very little sleep simply can't be underestimated (and we haven't even mentioned the hormones yet!) Most of the time, we have a partner or other support system by our side through it all, but doing it alone while also grieving sounds impossible. 

That's what one mom was going through when she unexpectedly brought her first child into the world after battling infertility. According to her TikTok video, she lost her husband to COVID one week after she found out she was pregnant, but that wasn't the only loss she'd have to suffer.


While she was still pregnant, the woman lost her father to COVID, too, and she was forced to approach a big moment in her life without the two most important men to her. But ultimately, she wasn't alone — someone else stepped up in a major way.

"But then... a friend steps up to help, and not only does he love your baby girl, but he loves you, in all your brokenness," the woman wrote.

This man, who was once just a friend, took care of the baby like she was his own, and helped her mom through her grieving. And as she shared in another video, now the two of them have fallen in love, too, and are living happily ever after.

After she went through so much, she deserves this. This is one good guy she's found. Who's going to star in the movie?!