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Mom’s BFF ‘Kidnaps’ Her Kids and We Honestly Wish We Had a Friend like That

Anyone want to come pick up my rugrat?

Parents who all adore and love their kids have a dirty secret. We all share a collective fantasy that someone would just pop by and make the decision for us to give us a day off. Just come and scoop up the kids and love on them so we can have a minute to breathe or clean.  

One mom on TikTok had her dreams come true when her best friend showed up with a plan:


In the video, we see the mom open her door in her robe to the sound of “Give me your kids.” Giggling you can see the mom’s kids running out of the house in their PJs right into her friend’s van. Without the slightest bit of hesitation her friend takes them just as they are, PJs and all, and whisks them away with her own kids.

Parents in the comments were all in agreement: Every parent needs a support system like that in their lives. 

“I love this! sisterhood in all its glory,” commented TikTok user @kristysaysso.

“Where do you find a friend like that,” asked @MrsLt09. “I need one!”

The old saying that “it takes a village” really isn’t just lip service. Having that network of support can make a huge difference for a mom on the edge of her sanity, and we hope that these two can continue to be there for each other like that forever.