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Woman Captures BFF’s Reaction to Hearing News She’s Pregnant and It’s So Sweet

She was clearly a little excited.

Finding out that you're pregnant is such a special time, especially when you get to tell the people closest to you that a baby is on its way. Sure, videos of people telling partners and parents that they are expecting are what we see go viral most often on the internet. But don't underestimate how special it can be sharing the news with your best friend, too! 

Case in point: This truly adorable video that's currently making the rounds on TikTok. One woman got to tell her BFF that she was pregnant after battling with infertility, and she had the best reaction. 

They were out to eat together when she dropped the news in a seriously cute way. She pretended to be taking a picture of her BFF and her BFF's daughter at their table, but instead of asking them to say "cheese," she told them to say "Savannah's pregnant!"

The look of shock that came over her friend's face was like nothing else. Even though she was pretty into that iced coffee she was drinking, it was like everything else in the room stopped existing. The waterworks began instantly, and she was so excited that she gave her little girl a squeeze. 

Hundreds of people are already commenting on the video to share how sweet it is. It looks like it made plenty of viewers emotional, and many tagged their own best friends to tell them how much they're looking forward to when this day comes in their own lives.

"You literally captured two beautiful moments. Her with her daughter and her reaction to your announcement," one commenter wrote.

Another bestie for the group is on the way, and it looks like everyone is already so excited to meet them.