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Big Brother Is Not About to Let New Baby Go

She's fine right here, thanks.

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There's nothing sweeter in the whole world than snuggling a teeny tiny baby. It's just a fact. The way they smell, their breath, their warm little selves all curled babies are intoxicating, to be sure. 

That's what the little boy discovers in this video from @keiandraferm6. He's holding his baby sister for the first time, and they're having themselves a little nap/snuggle...and then mom comes to take the baby away. No thanks, mom! I'm cool holding this baby for pretty much the rest of my life...

It's so sweet and amazing that this boy is so in love with his baby sister. After all, you never really know how an older sibling is going to receive a new baby. It's not always with open arms, but this big brother now has a permanent place open in his arms for his baby sister, for the rest of their lives. Mom was actually concerned for a second there that she wasn't going to be able to get the baby back!

Commenters thought these two were the sweetest, with many pointing out that the baby was just fine as far as big brother was concerned...might as well leave her be! One commenter pointed out that this little sister is going to have a hard time getting any potential boyfriends past her big brother. But that's just fine. There are worse things a girl can have in life than a big brother looking out for her. 

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