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Parents Capture New Big Brother Whispering to Newborn and It’s the Best

He’s already great at this.

When a new baby enters the picture, you never know how a little one is going to react. They might be nervous, they might be scared, they might be excited, they might be all of those things and more. But basically, the way the little boy in this video from @litlynds is an example of the best case scenario for bringing a new baby home. 

A sweet little boy is sitting with his newborn brother in his lap, whispering ever so quietly and gently to him. "I'm your big brother," he says. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." So adorable. But then he looks up and asks the most hilarious question ever.


Don't you just want to give him a big hug? "Do babies bite?" I mean, fair question. All of a sudden this little boy realized there was a completely untamed and new-to-the-world creature sitting in his lap, one that he doesn't know all that much about. (And the truth is, babies most certainly do bite, but before they have teeth it doesn't matter much.)

Commenters were just in love with this little man...
"Oh he is the sweetest. His little whisper “ don’t worry”. Melted my heart"
"He'll soon find out when they bite!!"
"I was on the verge of tears until he asked about biting"
"Asking the real questions there bud"
"Let the Memories begin"
"Welp, looks like I’m getting pregnant again soon"
"oh my goodness he's gonna the best big brother ever"
"I can't imagine seeing this with all the postpartum hormones. I would have been sobbing"

It's true, this is a memory the entire family will hold dear forever. And when this baby starts biting, it'll be really funny.