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Brother Is Over the Moon to Learn Big Bro Is Back From His Dad’s

He clearly loves his big bro.

It can be really stressful at home when our kids won't stop bickering with each other, but boy is it worth it when they get along. It's so sweet to see those sibling relationships grow and how much love grows in your family along with it. But if they ever have to be apart, that's when things can get tricky! 

One little brother was really missing his big bro when he went to his dad's house, but that just made his homecoming that much sweeter. In a seriously adorable TikTok video, their mom shared footage from their reunion, and these two are just too cute.


Big brother was trying to get some sleep, but his little brother was too excited to see him. He jumped on him while he was still in bed, and he kept yelling about his "bubba." This is so cute! 

Luckily, "Bubba" was willing to wake up and give his little brother hugs. If anyone knows what it's like to get that kind of love from a toddler, you probably know that it's hard to pass up a hug like that!

People couldn't help but comment about how adorable these two are — and how sweet big brother was to his little bro. Some even pointed out that he'll make a great dad someday.

"I would love a brother like that," one person commented.

Truly, who wouldn't? These two are so lucky to have each other.