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Dad Secretly Chops Off Son’s Long Hair and Mom Is Shook

He does look great!

It's wild the kind of things that make you emotional once you're a mom, and until you have kids, you don't really get it. Witnessing even the tiniest of milestones can make you a bit weepy, thinking about how quickly your kids are growing up. Even haircuts can become an emotional moment! 

So when one dad on TikTok took his son for a surprise haircut after his hair had grown super long, his mom obviously had the best reaction to seeing the results. He looks great, but we totally get why it made mom have all the feelings.


We get to see Dad taking his son for a haircut, which means we get to see exactly how long his hair was before. According to Dad, his hair had been long his entire life, so deciding to cut it was a big deal... and honestly, he took a major gamble doing this without Mom as a surprise!

Fortunately, the little guy was all giggles in the barber's chair, and when he was done, he was excited to see that he had the same hair as Spider-Man, Peter Parker. 

He looked great, and fortunately, his mom agreed... even if we did see her tearing up about her boy's new look when she got to see him for the first time after his haircut. Cuts like that always seem to make little ones look so grown up all of a sudden! 

This little guy is so handsome, but we know mama must be missing that long hair at least a little bit. If he wants, it will grow back!