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Parents Start “Stay Up Late Nights” For Their Eldest So They Can Give Him Some Extra Time

Everything changes when a new baby comes along, it’s important to make the first born still feel special.

When you've got more than one kid, it's important to try and make special time for each child when you can just hang out and pay attention to them (and only them). That said, it's super hard to find the opportunities. Most families' days are packed full of activities and responsibilities.

That's why the idea the parents had in this video from @livinwithkristen8219 is so genius. As the mom wrote, since having their third child, they felt like they hadn't been spending enough time with their oldest child. So they came up with a plan: On Friday nights, they'd have "stay up late" nights, where their child gets to pick out something fun for them to do. They've watched "big kid" movies, played games, had bonfires...simple things that mean the world to their kid.


So sweet! "These nights are so special and needed," the mom wrote. "I always feel so guilty that most of my energy goes towards taking care of the littles, but I'm glad we have these nights together to show him some love." 

Such a great idea! Every kid needs to feel special, and it can be so hard for overextended parents to find ways to give everybody enough attention. But this sweet video shows that there are definitely ways to do it that don't take a ton of time or effort. 

Commenters just loved this idea...
"This is so sweet and considerate"
"i love this! i would have benefitted from this a lot as the oldest child who often felt forgotten"
"That’s awesome I bet he’ll remember these nights forever"
"Awww I love this so much!! He will always remember this"
"My parents did smth like this for me as a kid and it made such an impact on me!!! This is so thoughtful keep it up"
"Love this! I remember being 8 and lying to my parents that I LOVED football just so I could stay up and hang out with them"

The parents are helping these siblings to have a good relationship, too, by cutting down on potential jealousy and resentment. Such a great idea!