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Mom Shares Bittersweet Toy Moment Moms of Big Kids Will Understand

It’s so incredibly, heartbreakingly true.

When your kids are little and their toys are huge, unwieldy things made of plastic that take up all the room in your house, you fantasize about the days when they'll grow older and have more manageable playthings...and you'll get your space back. But there's something that happens when that day finally comes and you can move those big toys out of the way for good.

In this video from @amiimowrey, we see what an emotional journey it actually is to pack away the stuff your kids played with when they were babies. You can't help but be reminded of those days and feel a bit emotional.


Oh, those little babies! As much as mom probably has great plans for all that space, those memories have got to hurt. We've all been through it. And whether you hold on to the toys "just in case" or give them away to charity or a friend, the fact remains, you don't need them right now. And that's kind of sad. 

Commenters found this totally relatable on so many levels...
"My first is 10 yold and I cried when we started to put her toys away my baby is 5 months and we get to start again with my daughter wanting to play"
"I really needed to see this because some days I'm so tired of the mess and toys but thinking about it being gone makes me cry"
"This was a nice reminder to enjoy the chaos"
"The clutter used to drive me crazy, now we’re currently getting rid of old toys before we move and it definitely hits harder than you would think"
"My kids are 3 and 1. Big toys all over the house. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and remind myself…one day it will be gone"

It's important to honor the phase you're in, even though it's so hard not to look forwards or backwards. Still, the next phase will be full of fun and adventures.