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Big Sister Has the Cutest Surprise For Little Sister, Proving Big Age Gaps Mean Nothing

These girls have a special bond despite their 15 year age gap,

It's natural for parents to worry about how the age gap between their children will affect their sibling relationship as they get older, but a lot of times, how well they get along simply has to do with their personalities (and their willingness to be close). Sure, some siblings close in age might be best friends... but that doesn't mean the ones with a big age gap between them won't be! 

Case in point: These sisters on TikTok who have a 15-year gap between them. The oldest sister is all grown up and living on her own, while her 12 year old sister is (obviously) still a kid, but it hasn't stopped them from hanging out, even though they now live in different places.


Big sis shared a video of how she put together a welcome basket for her little sister, who she would finally get to host as an adult. Her kit included candy, beauty products, t-shirts, and one big surprise: Tickets to Disneyland! 

"With a 15 year age gap, I've always dreamt of the day I'd be able to host her and do fun stuff like this together," she wrote. "I hope she loves it and has the best time this week!" 

Other people with similar age gaps between them and their siblings chimed in about how awesome this is. "There’s 10 years between my sister and I - hosting her as an adult are some of our best memories," one fellow sister wrote.

These two are lucky to have each other, despite their age difference. Who wouldn't want to arrive to their destination and find a gift like that?