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Big Sister Gives Baby Sweetest Pep Talk Ever

The look on the baby's face!

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There is nothing cuter than when a teensy tiny baby is being super responsive to someone who's talking to them. It's just...have you ever seen such a tiny little person with their big grownup expressions that take up their whole face? It's so darling and sweet! Especially when the baby is smiling and cooing in response to being told how beautiful she is by her adorable big sister. 

Just look at this absolutely precious interaction between this little baby and this big sister in this video from @courtneykaniayoung. According to her mom, her big girl Ivy is just great at giving compliments, She even recalled the first compliment her daughter ever gave her as a toddler, when she said she was "very good at turning off lights." How many toddlers would give a compliment like that?

And now, to watch Ivy compliment her little sister and her little sister just beaming in proves how one person really can be a ray of sunshine to so many people. "This is something I think about all the time and hope Lily will carry the same confidence and hype into her friendships and relationships too," wrote the mom. 

Commenters totally fell in love with this pair of sisters and all the love that they have for each other. This is how life should be!