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Big Sister Welcomes Baby Sister Home & Their Meeting Is Ridiculously Adorable

She's going to be the best big sister ever.

Sometimes you just never know how a kid is going to react to their new baby sibling. No matter how excited they seem beforehand, when the big moment actually arrives will they crumble? Will they be overcome with jealousy or freaked out by how little the baby is or want to hold the baby and smush it just a little too hard? 

It's impossible to know what to expect. But this video from @twomomsandthebabes is basically a study in everything that can go right when you bring a new baby home. She's excited but she doesn't jump on top of the baby seat, she finds things to like about her right away (like her bow!). She waits until she's safely nestled in between the pillows before she holds the baby, extremely carefully and respectfully. And the whole time, she's just so genuinely excited.


What a sweet big sister! She's simply enchanted with that baby, which means she'll probably be super helpful and interested in how she can pitch in. That's the best you can hope for in an older sibling.

Commenters were totally in love with the whole family: 
"you always hear about siblings “not being too sure” about the babies- no, SHE IS SURE about her"
"I’d like to see everyone in the world this sweet to each other. Made my whole week!"
"Sloane is the result of having parents that consistently & lovingly meet the social emotional needs of a child. Confident, bold, loving. Well done"
Well done, indeed! Can't wait to see these two sweet little girls interact as they get older.