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Mobile Camera Captures Toddler’s Outer Monologue While On a Bike Ride With Dad and It’s Too Precious

He clearly loves this time with papa.

Riding bikes is a popular childhood activity, and many parents have happy memories teaching their kids how to ride and then riding with them. For some kids, bike riding ends up being one of their favorite things to do. It's a fun way to get around, and who's gonna say no to their kids playing outside and getting exercise? 

But there's one little boy who has taken his biking adventures to the next level, and his mom is sharing the results on TikTok. He and his dad went on a whopping 17 mile mountain biking excursion together, and it resulted in the most adorable footage, thanks to a mobile camera on his bike.


He might only be three years old, but boy does this little dude have stamina, and seeing his determined little face up close is too cute, especially during the parts of his ride when he got really excited! Even when they took breaks here and there, he was always the first to get back on his bike and pedal away. 

Meanwhile, Mom got to stay at home, drink her coffee in peace, and enjoy her alone time, so really, it sounds like everyone in the family won that day.

"It’s been the coolest thing to sit back and watch," she wrote in a comment about her son's biking skills.

We're impressed that he could bike for 17 miles — a journey that a lot of adults wouldn't be up for taking. Here's hoping this is a hobby he and his dad can enjoy together for years to come.