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Elementary School Coach Organizes Incredible “Bike Ride Bus” and the Entire Community Gets Behind It

He’s a legend.

Getting kids to school in the morning is basically just a function of necessity, nothing particularly inspiring or adventurous. Either you drive your kids, or they take the bus, or they walk, or maybe they even ride their bike, but sometimes that can be tricky with traffic, etc., and safety concerns. 

But this amazing video from @movingbacktoklickitat shows another option: What looks like practically the entire school riding their bicycles to school safely together in the morning. "When your kids elementary school coach creates a bike bus for hundreds of kids to ride to school every Wednesday," wrote the mom, adding, "and now the neighbors line up to cheer on all the kids as they bike by, rain or shine. Thank you @coachbalto for creating these magical Wednesday mornings for our community."

Isn't that amazing? Such a cool opportunity for these kids. It's great for their health, for their school spirit, for the environment...everything about this idea is awesome. If only there was a way they could pull this off every morning of the week!

Commenters were super impressed with this idea...
"this is the coolest thing ive seen in a while"
"This is the most joyful thing! Love this for them!"
"Also what a way to promote being active without negativity"
"I love this! There is just nothing like riding your bike to school in those early mornings. Great way to get your brain ready to learn!"
"That is so awesome!! The world needs more Coach Baltos!!"

Such a totally positive way to promote physical fitness and eco-consciousness in a natural, fun way. No wonder Coach Balto is a legend!