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Parents Come Up With a Genius Way to Get Toddler to Give Up Her Binky

Honestly this is impressive.

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If you've ever had a kid who was attached to their binky, you know that breaking the pacifier habit is a sort of huge deal. You can be sure that your little one will want nothing to do with this new plan, so you've got to come up with a way to say bye-bye to binky without utterly traumatizing your child. There are lots of ways to go: some parents go gradual, others go cold turkey, some turn to bribes. At the end of the day, whatever works is fine. In this video from @homesweethof, it's time for their 2-year-old to part ways with her binky, so her parents tell her that once she gives it up she can have any toy she wants. Her choice? A "rabbit toy." You got it, kid.


This is such a genius idea! Not just the bribery (which is a great idea on its own, honestly), but the whole thing where they sew the binky inside the bunny rabbit. So brilliant! She's saying "bye-bye" to her binky, yes, but she's not really letting go of her binky because it will live on forever inside her new beautiful bunny friend. And the look on her face is just sheer joy. It's like she's totally forgot about her binky the second she saw that gorgeous bunny. Commenters were totally on board: 
"I don’t even see this as bribery. You’re letting her choose her next form of soothing that’s age appropriate. She’s so proud!"
"Whatever it takes mama - my absolute least favorite parenting phases (so far) we’re ditching the binky and potty training."
Others though, had tried the same thing with less success:
"My cousin did this and in the middle of the night her daughter ripped apart the bear and pulled the binky out."
Some kids are really determined, whaddya gonna do? It's still a great idea.