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Mom Cuts a Deal With Toddler That He Can Trade His Binky for a New Toy at Target

Moms of binky-obsessed kids might want to take notes.

Moms of little kids already know how important pacifiers are in their daily lives. Many babies who love their binkies often get very attached — after all, it is one way they soothe themselves when they need to nap or calm down. But the day finally comes when it's time to take the binky away, and until your little one adjusts, it can be a tough transition.

Parents are always looking for ways to make it easier, and this mom's method is a pretty solid one. In a TikTok video, she shared how she convinced her toddler to give up his binky, and it looks like this works pretty well! 

She took her little one to Target, telling him that he could trade his binky for a toy of his choosing. Their family walked through the store, showing him different toy options, but most of them weren't good enough for him to give up his beloved pacifier for. That is, until he discovered a giant race car track, and the trade was on.

Mom and Dad even got the cashier in on it, and had him hand her his bag of pacifiers in exchange for her handing over the new toy at the cash register. 

He walked out of the store carrying his new toy, and all seemed to go well... though she did mention in the comments that his first two nights without his binkies were tough. 

Plenty of moms in the comments shared how they handled ditching the binky, and the responses varied so widely.

"We had the paci fairy come and take the pacis and left our son a few gifts," one person wrote.

Another shared, "We took our son to Build-a-Bear and he put his inside a new bear." 

There are a lot of different ways to do it, but this Target trade in looks like a lot of fun — and the distraction of a brand new toy can really help a kid missing their binky.