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Wife Surprises Husband Who Was Adopted With a Visit From His Biological Grandfather For His Birthday and the Tears Were Immediate

Such a thoughtful and loving gesture helping these two reconnect.

Some reunions are more emotional than others, and that's because some reunions are more intense than others. Maybe the separation has been super long, maybe the people have been super far apart or one has been fighting in a war or doing something else dangerous. Or sometimes, there's a backstory that's as amazing as the one in this video from @hannahpacetti. For her husband's birthday, his wife arranged a reunion with someone very special he'd never met before...his biological grandfather. And the story gets even more interesting (not to mention emotional).


Those hugs are just too much! It was so unbelievably sweet when the grandpa went in for a second hug. What a reunion: To meet a grandfather who didn't even know you or your father (his son) existed, and to be welcomed with such open arms! It would have been totally understandable for a meeting like this one to be about a billion times more awkward. The kind of meeting where limp handshakes take the place of big bear hugs. But this family is making up for lost time, and they're going to hug as much as they can! (The kids, though, are not that impressed just yet, one can't help but notice. They're like, "Yeah, a new grandpa. That's great and all, but I'm a little busy with my tablet here.") That's okay. There's plenty of time for them to understand and appreciate these unique family ties.
Commenters couldn't get over how sweet the reunion was, or how much the grandfather and grandson looked alike, calling them "twins." It must be so cool for this family to get to know each other and figure out what genes went where! And, of course, the most important thing is the opportunity for many, many more hugs.