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Woman’s Story of Meeting Her Birth-Mom Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

What an amazing journey these two women went on.

Even though it's a beautiful gift for so many reasons, adoption can be challenging, especially when a child grows up and decides they want to know more about their birth parents. Sometimes, that adventure doesn't go the way they'd hope, but when it does go right, it's incredibly touching to see.

One woman decided to share her journey to finding (and eventually meeting) her birth mother 17 years after she was adopted. She looked her up on Facebook, and that's how they were able to have their first conversation. Warning: You might cry reading their messages!


This video follows everything from their first Facebook messages — they were both so. happy to finally talk to each other — to their first in-person meeting. And seeing the gift that her birth mom brought to her when they finally got to see each other face to face? Cue the tears!

According to the woman who made the video, she had a great life with her adoptive family, including her three brothers, but she never stopped wondering about her biological mother. And now that she's able to have both her birth mom and her adoptive mom in her life, it seems like she's ended up with the best of both worlds.

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Every adoption story is different, but this one seems to be extra sweet. It's giving us all the warm and fuzzy feelings knowing that these women found each other after all these years.

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