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Biracial Mom Shares Struggles Of Raising a Child Who Doesn’t Look Like Her

This is so beautiful and honest.

It may be 2022, but when it comes to racism, we haven't come nearly as far in America as we should have by now, and that means that parents of color out there are still teaching their children how to cope with it. This is something that biracial families face as well, with the unique challenge of dealing with criticism that other families who are all the same race may not get.

One mom is sharing an example of that on TikTok, opening up about what it's like to raise two daughters who don't look like her. In her own words, it's been a "journey" — one that has required her to deal with hate from people that she never should have had to face.


"I have been shown hate from both sides on the way my children look," she wrote. "Someone said to me, 'I'd be so disappointed if my kids came out like this' & that shattered my heart." 

She went on to explain that even though she's well aware that her children have a different skin color and different hair texture, she wouldn't change anything about them because they're her daughters. This is the way a lot of moms feel about their children — no matter what they look like. 

Just from watching the video, it's clear the love this mother has for her daughters. They're lucky to have her, but it breaks our hearts she has to hear comments like these.