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Dad Uses Chocolate Milk to Beautifully Explain What Being Biracial Means

Their sense of self identity will hopefully be extra secure because of this.

Growing up in 2022 is hard enough, and as much as we wish we lived in a better world by now, children of color are still presented with extra challenges. Those challenges are unique for children who are also biracial, and navigating them once they start school can be tricky. It's no wonder this is something on many parents' minds as their babies get older.

One dad on TikTok is familiar with these challenges, but he's managed to find the perfect way to explain what being biracial means to his child. And interestingly enough, he did so by creating an analogy with something most kids are already pretty familiar with: chocolate milk.


Dad started out by showing his kids a glass of regular milk, comparing it to their mom, who is white. "Beautiful, sweet, all white," he described it, which got some giggles from his audience. Then, he showed them a bottle of chocolate syrup, which he said represented him — "dark brown luscious chocolate," one of his kids chimed in. LOL! 

He poured the syrup into a glass cup, telling them that if all they had was chocolate, that's what they'd be, "straight Black." Then, he added the milk to the syrup and mixed, describing the mixing as "love and affection and parenting and all the stuff we do to make beautiful children like you." 

He then took it a step further, telling them that they couldn't take the Black syrup out of the white milk (or vice versa), just like they couldn't separate their Black or whiteness. 

"Black and white are just terms people use to try to describe cultures or the color of your skin, but they can't describe who you are," he said.

Lesson learned — and beautifully put. These kids are going to remember this forever.