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Little Boy’s Reaction to Seeing Birthday Cake for the First Time Made It Worth the Work

Mom spent hours making it.

Moms do so much of their hard work behind the scenes. Especially when it comes to things like birthdays. We spend hours, days, weeks, doing things like sewing Halloween costumes and planning birthday parties and baking for the bake sale, and basically get no thanks for it. I mean, sure, we get some thanks, but so much of our efforts go unseen. And that's okay, we don't do it for the glory. But when we see how happy whatever we've done makes our kids, it's all worth it, right? 

Like what happens in this video from @chelseaunruh97. A certain little birthday boy just caught the first sight of the awesome dinosaur-themed birthday cake his mom spent hours making, and his reaction made all that work so totally worth it.


Awww. He's so excited he can barely stand it. So sweet. And what a cool cake! Mom knew exactly what he wanted and put so much work into making the cake she knew would get THIS reaction. Birthdays mean so much to little kids. He'll never forget opening that refrigerator door and seeing that beautiful sight.

Commenters were so moved by this display, and so happy for this little boy:
"omg i could only imagine what that looks in his eyes up on a pedestal with a light shining down on it"
"i’m not mentally or emotionally stable enough for this"
"Everytime I see a TT of parents doing their best for their kids it fills & breaks my heart all at the same time. Ty from the kids who didn’t get this"
"He couldn't even contain his excitement!! Hes wiggling and shaking with it!"
"nvr seen a kid SHAKE with joy so precious"

Such a special treat. This birthday is bound to be unforgettable!