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Mom Admits She Wrapped Up Old Toys to Save Money for Her Baby’s Birthday and Ends up Learning Valuable Lesson

She’s so right!

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Those first big holidays and birthdays in our children's lives are more for us than they are for them. Even by their first birthday, most babies have no idea what's going on. Of course, they'll still have fun eating cake and seeing everyone they love and receiving new toys, but they don't really know what's going on — and for parents who agonize over buying the perfect gifts and planning a party might find a little relief in that. 

If money is tight in your family — like it is for so many — please remember that buying them a ton of gifts for their birthdays is never necessary to celebrate them, but it's especially not necessary when they're little. And if you need proof, this TikTok video about a mom's creative solution for birthday gifts is probably exactly what you need to see right now. 

She admitted that she didn't have the money to buy new toys to gift her baby for his first birthday, so instead, she made do with what she already had. She found old toys in her basement and wrapped them up instead to add to the $20 she was able to spend on a couple of new toys and board books. 

"At first I felt pretty discouraged that we couldn't get him more, but seeing him open and play with everything reminded me that they don't need big new toys to have a good birthday experience," she wrote.

Judging by how happy this little one looks ripping into his gifts, it looks like mama did a great job! 

"A great reminder that kids are happy with very little. Also, he was happier with the wrapping paper anyway," she added in her caption.

That's the truth. It takes very little to actually make our babies happy, which is important to remember going into the Christmas holidays.  

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