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Young Black Girl Chops Her Hair Off For Most Inspiring Reason

She is going to shine bright for many years to come.

Many little girls out there are attached to their hair, especially when they're old enough to start styling it and playing with it themselves. After all, the second part of your life as a kid begins after you learn how to braid! 

But often, that beautiful long hair also comes ahead to gender and racial stereotypes that we shouldn't be okay with in our society, and one little girl is taking a stand. As her mom shared on TikTok, her Black daughter decided to chop her hair for a very important reason — it's clear that this little girl is wiser than many adults will ever be.


Showing off how long her daughter's hair is, Mom shared that she'd decided to cut it. "My 12-year-old decided she no longer wanted to be 'shackled to the beauty standards that require Black girls to have long hair to be seen as pretty'" so the little girl took scissors to her hair herself.

Seeing her cut her hair and the grin she has in the mirror... this is too special. 

At the end of the video, she shows off the finished product, and she looks amazing with short hair. And what's even better? The confidence she has is jumping off the screen.

"As her mom I am so proud of her for having the confidence to live freely. She is gorgeous," her mom wrote in the caption.

Good for her. She looks beautiful, and she is the only one who can decide what beauty standards she will and won't accept.