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Black Mom Is Sick of Strangers Telling Her That Her White Baby "Isn’t Really" Hers

I mean, she was there at the birth, we’re pretty sure she knows she’s the mom...

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It might be almost 2023, but unfortunately, racism is still alive and well in America — even when it comes to babies and their moms. For some reason, some people just don't know how to react when they see an interracial family out and about. And rather than just keeping their mouths shut and saying nothing at all, this means that mothers of babies who look different from them are dealing with totally unsolicited comments that never should have been made in the first place.

One Black mom on TikTok is opening up about her experience on this very topic. Her husband (the father of her children) is white, and since her baby presents as white, we can't believe the kinds of comments she's gotten in public — including people telling her that her baby isn't hers! 

Sharing a video featuring her six month old daughter, she confirmed that "yes, she is my baby," and that this little girl is biologically hers as well, even though this is too much for some people to be able to comprehend when they see them together.

"Yes, I carried her for 38 weeks," she said, adding that she's tired of hearing jokes from Katt Williams' stand up comedy in reference to her family and that "genetics are crazy." 

She's right: Genetics are crazy, and whether you and your partner are the same race or not, your child could end up looking totally unrelated to one of you. It's just the roll of the dice! 

And if you check out her other videos, not only can you see what her husband looks like, but you can see their other children as well — and you'll know that this isn't the first time she's spoken out about people asking her questions about her child's race.

These are videos that this mom shouldn't have to make, but hopefully, people will learn a thing or two while watching them. 

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